Early AM at The Big Show

A rare 1949 Cadillac Sedanette

Lots of bikes

Orange County Panteras in force

Bring your beetle to the show

You got enough motor there?

Man, where did all these people come from?

Yes, it's a Corvair with attitude

The WILD Metropolitan

You've only got two cylinders?

A classic Indian motorcycle

Everyone knows what year Chevy this is...

What year Corvette is this?

1000hp 1941 Willys

Early AM at The Big Show

1923 Ford T-Bucket

Contact Information

  Jill @(562)429-2188 or Email
Show Manager:
  Steve @(714)323-8898 or Email
Vendor Info or Applications:
  Jim @(424)835-4210 or Email

Want to Join a Fun Car Club?

BayCityRodders is looking for NEW members with vehicles up through the 1974 model year. Several club members will be in attendance at the show with their cars and trucks. This is a great opportunity to meet them and discuss your interests. Just stop by the Chase Bank parking lot while touring the show and say Hello.   Membership Application